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Hotel Linen Service

We know that managing linens is just one of the many jobs a hotel manager is responsible for, and we understand how important it is to provide and maintain the best linens possible.  That’s why we work with you to put together the best and most effective process for your hotel and your guests!

The Process

We understand the large investment in linen that a hotel must make and we treat the linens as our own.  We focus on large hotels who would like to outsource their laundry operations and trust in their laundry vendor.  We first start with discussing your linen needs and learning more about your hotel.  We like to see your linens and learn more about current processes and ensure change is minimal for your housekeeping staff.  We believe first and foremost in communication and provide a daily time window for deliveries where we pick up soiled and drop off clean.  We keep this as consistent as possible, so your team always knows what to expect.

Once the soiled linen is back at our facility, we sort, clean and finish your hotel’s linens together and keep them together throughout the entire process.

Special Care

We understand that your housekeepers are on a timeline each day, and that is why we mark any stained linens we find (after trying to get them out one more time in a special stain formula) as well as marking any older linens.  We then set them on a separate shelf to send back to you.  This allows you to determine what you’d like to do with the linens at that point – after all, it is your linens!  This also allows you to have better control over your sheets and towels inventory and to determine when you may need to order more.

Our current customers have reduced their linen purchases dramatically by working with us because we take care of their linens as though they were our own.  Our team takes special care of each hotel customer’s linen to ensure it lasts as long as the linens are able to.

Outsourcing Saves on Labor

We provide a simple and dependable alternative to operating an expensive and time-intensive in-house laundry. By partnering with us, you can be sure your guests receive bed linens and towels laundered to our high-quality standards, allowing you to concentrate on other essential aspects of the guest experience that will ensure your hotel and its reputation thrives.

If you are currently operating an in-house laundry, but assessing whether outsourcing is right for you, work through this Laundry Cost Calculator to calculate the cost of doing laundry in-house versus outsourcing to a laundry who specializes in hospitality linen.

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