What is Hotel Laundry Service?

We know that laundry service is extremely important to a hotel!  Both for linens in the rooms, as well as linens in the restaurants, garments for employees and linens for events and banquets.

Hotels invest big money in their sheets, towels, blankets, comforters, pillows and more, and know that it is a big part of your experience.  Having nice, comfortable and clean linens on a bed and in the bathroom provide a welcoming and comforting experience when you walk into a hotel room.  Slipping into a bed with freshly pressed sheets is a wonderful feeling!

Smaller hotels will usually have a laundry on-site that front-desk staff use to wash hotel linens, while larger and nicer hotels will typically send their linens offsite to a professional laundry.  The professional laundry specializes in hotel linens and can ensure exceptionally finished linens and clean and safe wash formulas to help hotel guests feel extra comfortable in their room.  It is very common for a hotel laundry to stop by the hotel 7 days a week to drop off clean linens and then to pick up dirty linens.  Just like hotels, professional hotel laundry services run 7 days a week, even during holidays.  The hotel and their laundry provider should work together well to ensure safe and clean linens for hotel customers.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, more hotel customers will be wanting assurance that their linens are properly cleaned and sanitized and that extra care was taken with the linens that they will use.  It may be a good idea for more hotels to look into outsourcing their laundry operations to a professional laundry who is certified in ensuring quality, clean and safe linens in this new normal.