St Croix Linen is a multi service company offering laundering, linen rental services and facility services to Health & Wellness Centers around the Twin Cities metro area.  From the collection and handling of soiled textiles to washing, extracting, and drying to packaging, storing, and delivery of linens, we abide by the safest and Hygienically Clean processes and guidelines.  This ensures your clients will always have a positive experience. Our linen service is eco-friendly, uses non-toxic cleaning solvents and re-uses water wherever possible.  Linen rental is a great alternative to paper products and disposable items for the environment.

Sheets · Pillowcases · Bath Towels · Hand Towels · Wash Cloths

Mats · Logo Mats · Mops · Facility Services · Robes · Uniforms · Staff Shirts


Laundry is likely not the first cost you associate with managing or owning a Health & Wellness Center, but the truth is that laundry costs are expensive, and the price adds up faster than you’d expect. 

You may think that you’re saving money by doing your laundry yourself, but when you add up all of the time, water, electricity, and detergent it takes to get it done, you’ll realize how much it costs to do the job right.

When partnering with a professional Linen Service such as St Croix Linen, you can rest assured that all of your sheets, towels, wash cloths, robes, and employees’ uniforms will be washed and folded to perfection.


As a business manager or owner, imagine a world where you have what you need, when you need it! A world with no more purchasing or laundering headaches! With the St Croix Linen Rental Program, that is exactly what you get!

St Croix Linen purchases, stocks, launders and replaces your towels automatically. Service is scheduled for the same days each week and a professional route person monitors your needs.

We can also set your facility and your team up for success with our complete hygiene package through our Facility Services.

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