Starting in May of 2020, St Croix Linen began following the processes and procedures, as well as third-party lab testing required for certification of Hygienically Clean laundry.  We officially received news in October 2020 that we are the first laundry in Minnesota to be certified as Hygienically Clean! This achievement reflects our commitment to best management practices (BMPs_ in laundering as verified by on-site inspection and capability to produce hygienically clean textiles quantified by ongoing microbial testing.   

Employees Properly Trained & Protected • Managers Understand Legal Requirements
OSHA-Compliant • Physical Plant Operates Effectively

What is "hygienically clean"?

Being certified as Hygienically Clean validates that a laundry’s operational processes have been independently inspected and adhere to domestic and internationally recognized infection prevention and control policies.  There are multiple requirements of the laundry:

  • Publication of a Quality Assurance Manual: this must demonstrate compliance with various requirements from the facility layout, personnel training, OSHA and HACCP required practices, and many more.
  • Constant and consistent testing: Laundries must send in two initial samples of laundered textiles to an independent lab for microbial testing to ensure they stay under the required standard. They are then required to test textiles quarterly and to remain under the standard consistently to remain certified.
  • Formal Inspection: an Hygienically Clean inspector visits a laundry to verify the hospitality laundry’s processes – it’s systems, procedures, etc. for ensuring that product being shipped from the laundry is clean and free from any danger to its user.
    • Inspections place significant weight on factors such as design, equipment, practices, training, protocols and adherence to regulatory body requirements

Why "hygienically clean"?

Hygienically Clean Standards were established to monitor the complete textile processing cycle, from handling and transporting soiled hospitality textiles, to in-plant processing and delivery back to the customer.

We at St Croix Linen believe that by following Hygienically Clean standards, our customers and your guests can rest easy on clean and safely laundered linens!  For any questions about this certification, please feel free to contact St Croix Linen at 612.470.6877 or info@stcroixlinen.com

Congratulations to St. Croix Linen on their certification. This achievement proves their dedication to building their customers’ confidence that their laundry takes every step possible to prevent human illness.
Joseph Ricci
TRSA president and CEO