As any good business knows, customers are the top priority and, what customers hear, feel, smell & more importantly, see, contribute to their experience at your establishment. Having dirty, stained table linens, yellowing & dusty curtains, or foul-smelling table napkins is a great way to drive away your customers and make sure that your restaurant fails.

This is why having a reliable & professional Linen Service Company is crucial to the success of your business! Continue reading to learn more about our Food & Beverage Linen Services or fill out our online form to speak with someone directly & a representative will contact you!


Professionally laundered rental linen adds a touch of class, elegance and comfort to your business. Environmentally friendly, reusable linens speak volumes to your customer about the kind of conscientious, quality-minded business that you run.

At St Croix Linen, we make sure that the small things like napkins and kitchen towels are cared for so you can put all of your energy into your business and servicing your customers.

We will work with you to determine the right amount of what you need for your restaurant and ensure you receive regularly scheduled deliveries and quality linens from us.

Napkins · Tablecloths · Aprons · Bar Towels · Kitchen Towels · Microfiber Towels

Glass Towels · Logo Mats · Mops · Restroom Services · Chef Coats · Staff Shirts


The St Croix Linen Cleaning and Finishing Team is very precise and works to ensure you receive the right amount of linens requested and that all linens you receive are clean and ready to be placed on a table!

Our Service Team commitment is to always be a quick phone call or email away should you ever run into an issue with your linen  service.

We make Food & Beverage Linen Service simple, convenient, and dependable; and with years of linen and laundry experience to our name, and the expertise that we have acquired in the field, there is simply no one who knows Linen better than St Croix Linen!

Fill out our online form and a representative will contact you to discuss the Food & Beverage Linen Service best suited for you!