Professional Laundry Service for Restaurants

In addition to looking nice, tablecloths are a great way to let restaurant patrons know that the place they are sitting to enjoy a meal is clean and sanitary.

The image of cleanliness associated with a fresh set of table linens can reassure customers just emerging from “stay at home” orders.  Sitting down to a wiped-off table that’s still wet from a rag that may or may not be clean is a problem for restaurants.  Thinking about it from the perspective of the consumer, how much more attractive would it be to walk up to the table and the waiter or a busboy is laying down fresh table linen to really show that this seating is completely different from the last customer?  It’s just one thing restaurants can do to drive restaurant customers to get back in the swing of things soon and to bring the end consumer back.

Table linens, including tablecloths and or napkins, can aid in social distancing too, but making it easier for restaurants to designate which tables are available for use.  The expectation is that in reopened restaurants, patrons will sit apart from other diners and not all tables to be use.  The use of tablecloths is far preferable to signs or ‘caution tape’ that would remind patrons of the recent pandemic.  It’s a softer way to tell customers which tables are clean and safe.

Today’s heightened expectations for cleanliness can extend to professionally laundered employee garments as well – chef coats, cook shirts and pants that are professionally laundered can send a message to restaurant patrons that employee street clothing isn’t going to pose a risk to patrons. Face masks are also going to be a long-term solution for restaurants – using commercially laundered re-usable masks can save on environmental waste and ensure a never-ending supply of masks for restaurants.