Linen Rental Service Myths – Debunked

Are you still unsure about starting service with a commercial linen rental company? You may still be burned by a few of the myths surrounding commercial laundry and rental. Let us take a minute to debunk a few of these myths!


Myth 1 – Linen rental or laundry is too expensive.

The main concern business owners or managers have when hiring a linen rental, or laundry service is the cost. This is understandable when you have seemingly little control over the process. It may seem you are being overcharged; however, attempting to run an in-house laundry is often much costlier. You would need to purchase products, equipment, chemicals as well as hire and train staff to properly and effectively clean and prepare your linens. The expense and time required just to set up an in-house laundry should be allocated to other aspects of your business!


Myth 2 – Finding the right commercial linen company is impossible.

You may be unsure of where to look when pursuing a linen rental or laundry service. There is a wide range of sizes and types of commercial laundry and linen rental companies in our area. Depending on the type of business you operate and the product mix in use, you may have needs that not all laundry or rental companies can handle. With today’s sanitary and environmental focuses, it is essential to look for a provider who is prepared with up-to-date equipment and procedures for providing the best and cleanest linen and laundry for your business. This focus may lead your search to “newer” or “smaller” laundry operations that can put an extreme focus on quality and customer.


Myth 3 – Linen and laundry companies provide poor quality.

Reliable linen companies are positioned well and work closely with the world’s top linen producers. The product these companies provide are thoroughly tested and, when handled correctly, are of the highest quality. Access to this product is reserved for the most reputable linen and laundry companies and is not available to the general public. St Croix Linen is a locally-owned, family-operated company who takes pride in their work quality. Learn more about our innovations and expansions here.


Myth 4 – You could clean your linens better.

Commercial laundry is a far more complicated endeavor than washing your socks and underwear at home. The equipment, chemicals, and process knowledge require a large staff and constant adjustment to ensure the proper levels of cleanliness are provided. You need your product looking great day after day, wash after wash. Keeping wash tunnels, dryers, ironers, and other equipment in peak condition requires daily maintenance and a skill set most business owners do not possess.

Do not waste any more opportunities over false linen rental service myths! Fill our Contact Form or Give us at St Croix Linen a call today (612.470.6877) to speak to a representative and make the best linen decision you will ever make!