Impact of Linen Service on your Restaurant Experience

At St Croix Linen we believe that our linen rental service is an integral aspect of the atmosphere and experience your customers receive at your restaurant. From napkins and tablecloths to chef coats and bar towels, the linen products we have available for rental will not only improve the dining experience, but our services will enhance your restaurant business both operationally and financially.

In today’s evolving food and beverage industry, style and service options are at the forefront of our focus. Providing quality linen products and creating a partnership with our restaurant customers is paramount.

When a customer has made the decision to dine at your restaurant it is important that they receive an experience they will remember, and want to enjoy time and time again. Your customers have decided to leave the comforts of their homes for a meal and experience they cannot produce on their own. By seating your customers at a table set with a gorgeous tablecloth and quality napkin wrapped silverware, you have already provided a look and feel that is unique and impressive.  An added bonus of tablecloths is that they are actually more sanitary than leaving a table open and wiping it down before each guest sits down!

A well-dressed dining area is just the start of a great customer experience. Providing proper, stylish, and clean garments for your restaurant employees helps create an atmosphere that will encourage customers to return again and again. Chef coats, cook shirts, host and wait staff garments should all be geared toward creating the experience your customer desires.

Learn more about our simple, convenient, and dependable restaurant linen service so that you can focus on your restaurant business and servicing your customers.