Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

We are closely monitoring the ever-evolving situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).  We are still operating and we able to offer laundry services and linen services to those businesses affected by the coronavirus and looking for help.

While we’ve always had extremely high standards for cleanliness in our facility and safety for our employees, we’ve recently added a few additional preventive measures. And, based on guidance from local and national health authorities, we’re prepared to take even more steps, should the outbreak become more widespread in the communities we serve.

Given the current status of COVID-19 in Minnesota, we are:
• Increasing the frequency of our cleaning of surfaces throughout the facility, our carts, trucks and equipment
• Reinforcing to staff members they should stay home if they are not feeling well and reminding them of our sick leave options
• Continuing to require all sorting employees to wear personal protective equipment and reminding them of recommended ways to minimize the spread of the virus by health authorities
• Using wash formulas that contain chemicals that neutralize the virus on linens

Please know there is nothing more important to us than ensuring the safety of our employees, our customers, and of your customers. We will continue to take all steps necessary to do just that.

–Your team at St Croix Linen


From TRSA:
“Our industry supplies, launders and maintains essential reusable textiles for industries that need it most. These items include linens, uniforms, personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as hygiene, first-aid products and other facility services. The importance of our industry is recognized by the “essential services” designation by several state governments allowing laundries to stay open during quarantine/isolation guidelines. Other industries designated as “essential” include healthcare operations, infrastructure maintenance and repair, grocery stores, food processing, manufacturing, home-based care and long-term care, water and energy facilities, first responders, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, other fundamental supply chain businesses and government agencies.  [We] are on the front lines providing clean, safe environments for [our] employees, customers and the general public.”