Restaurant Revival

The hospitality industry has unfortunately been hit very hard by the recent health crisis around the country.  In some states, restaurants and bars will soon begin to open their doors and welcome back customers.


As restaurants prepare to reopen their doors, there are many changes they are anticipating when customers come through their doors.  Commercial Laundries servicing these restaurants are ready to help reassure customers with better-than-ever, sanitary linens.  St Croix Linen has begun the certification process to ensure hygienically clean reusable tablecloths, napkins and professionally maintained kitchen garments.  This will ensure our customers that any linen they use for their operations is clean, sanitary and safe.


One way to ensure restaurant patrons are safe and healthy in a restaurant is to place reusable linen like tablecloths, napkins or placemats on the tables.  Not only does a fresh set of table linens reassure customers emerging from “stay at home” orders, they can also assist restaurants in following social distancing guidelines that may be in place. There is an expectation that patrons will need to sit apart from other diners and that all tables will not be used. Restaurants can use tablecloths to designate tables available to use that are preferable to signs or “caution tape” that would only remind guests of the recent pandemic.


There will be a heightened expectation for cleanliness that will extend beyond clean linen. Professionally laundered garments such as chef coats, cook shirts, and staff attire will provide the consumer with a sense of sanitation that will be required for a successful return.


With an industry-wide focus on cleanliness and customer safety, working with a reliable, local commercial laundry can become a valuable asset in getting our country back on its feet and back to a new, clean and safe normal!