Emergencies happen, but, as we know, business doesn’t stop just because of an emergency. St Croix Linen is here to help when you need it the most!

Drawing up a contingency plan is what every manager should put in his or her diary for that “quiet time” when everything else is going to plan. Instead of waiting for fate to strike, spend a few hours thinking along the lines of “what if”? Plan ahead for both the seen and unforeseen incidents.

St Croix Linen is one of only a few commercial laundries still accepting emergency backup projects on short notice. We will pick up your soiled linens and immediately start.


St Croix Linen is the first laundry in Minnesota to be certified as Hygienically Clean! Being certified as Hygienically Clean validates that our laundry’s operational processes has been independently inspected and adheres to domestic and internationally recognized infection prevention and control policies. Take no risks when it comes to your Medical Linen Service needs with the help of St Croix Linen!


We understand that the hospitality industry depends on a daily supply of clean linen to stay in operation.

From your most basic bed essentials to specialty products for your hotel needs, St Croix Linen has it all for you!

Our Hotel Linen Services come with impressive appearance, quality, and professional services.


Are you a laundry service that normally does their own laundry, but had a big machine break down? Or maybe are remodeling which puts you out of commission for a couple of weeks.

No matter the reason you are out of service, St Croix Linen maintains a surplus capacity to accommodate such situations, allowing you to keep it business as usual until you have operations back up and running. 

Fill out our online form and a representative will contact you to discuss & customize the Emergency Linen Package best suited for you!